Color Depositing Shampoo & Conditioner

Color-depositing shampoos add luster to your locks.

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Dull. Dry. Lifeless. These aren’t the words you want anyone to use about your hair. But if it’s been a while since your last coloring or your colorist is so in demand you can only snag an ever-elusive appointment every once in a while, it’s time to get something that helps bridge the gap. Color-depositing shampoos and conditioners can help do the trick because they add color back to your hair to minimize hair color fading.


Color-depositing shampoos aren’t going to dye your hair, but they do contain pigments that make your hair color appear slightly richer. When you apply shampoo and conditioner, the pigments settle on top of your hair to make it look a little more blond, brown, red or whatever else you are feeling that day. Think of them as the self-tanner of the shampoo and conditioner world. The color-depositing products aren’t permanent, but they can make your hair color look less faded.

Color Science

When you pour out a color-depositing shampoo, you may notice that shampoo for blondes isn’t always yellow or brunettes brown. That’s because some color-depositing shampoos use hues that help to neutralize brassiness that makes your hair look dull when it starts to fade. That’s why you may see a blue or blue-green color for brunettes or a purple color for redheads. Don’t worry -- your hair won’t turn colors, but instead will appear more vibrant.


Unless your bottle says otherwise, most color-depositing shampoos aren’t ideal for everyday use, mostly because your hair can only hold so much color at a time. Using the shampoo every day means you may not see the consistent results you were hoping for. If you do love to use the shampoo every day, create a mixture of color-depositing shampoo and your regular shampoo. You can do equal parts of each or three parts regular shampoo and one part color-depositing to get the results that work for you.

Busting Buildup

It’s not just fading that brings down color -- buildup can mask your hair color and make your hair hue look dull. Color-depositing shampoos and conditioners come to the rescue because they remove excess buildup from your hair. By removing yesterday’s hairspray and last week’s hair gel, your hair color will appear more vibrant. This is another reason why you may not want to use color-depositing shampoos and conditioners on a daily basis. Over time, the cleansers could take off the moisture you want to keep in your hair.

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