What Color Clothes for Light Skin & Blond Hair?

Fair skin and fair hair creates a cool complexion; choose colors according to this.

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Fair-skinned, fair-haired ladies, you may find it difficult to pick out a color that complements your complexion. The key is to select shades that complement your skin and hair undertones. With these in mind, you will be able to choose the colors that will help your complexion glow and your hair shimmer.


With fair skin and light blond hair, you are likely to have some subtle pink and yellow undertones -- giving you what experts call a "cool" complexion. This makes your coloring work perfectly with a blush pink. No need to look like Barbie, though. Stay away from neon or hot shades of pink; commit only to subtle versions of this feminine hue. Try salmon, blush or baby pink. These will complement your cool complexion and highlight the warmth in your skin.


Green is one of your complementary colors as it highlights and challenges pink undertones and enhances golden hues in your hair. Go for a spring shade of green. Think freshly cut grass. If you want something smarter to impress your boss and co-workers, try a soft pale green. Avoid dark greens or jewel-toned emeralds -- these will wash you out.


An icy or sky blue is a fantastic way to challenge the yellows in your coloring and give yourself a warmer appearance. Cool light blues will, firstly, give your skin a deeper darker glow. Secondly, these shades will enhance the gold in your hair, making it appear richer and more luminous. Not bad, right? When it comes to denim, go for stone-washed or light-colored jeans.

Neutrals and Nudes

You have the ideal coloring to wear neutral and nude tones. Try neutrals with brown undertones to really enhance your golden hair and soft pink skin. These will also add warmth to a cold complexion. Avoid gray-toned neutrals -- these will drag your coloring down and give you a gray tint, blah.

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