What Color Brow Powder Do I Use for Blonde Eyebrows?

What hue of blond are you?

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If you've got blond eyebrows you need to define, you're likely wondering what hue best suits your goldie locks. Before you frame your features with the help of an eyebrow pencil or powder, decide whether to add contrast or create a more natural eyebrow. Natural brows are close in color to your own brows, whereas a dramatic brow can be much darker or even include unnatural tones. Think Gwen Stefani or Madonna and you'll see exactly how a dark brow can really work on blond tresses. Even if they're bottled. Or real. Or whatever. If you're a blonde, sharpen up your brow IQ.

Go With Your Natural Hue

For a natural brow, take a look at your underlying tones and hair hue. Some blondes have underlying red pigments, whereas others are purely blond with a cool or ashen base. Most blondes have naturally lighter brows and can fair well by choosing any sort of light brown or dark blond brow powder.

Add Drama

On the other end of the spectrum, some blondes like to add some drama and flair to their face with a striking dark brow. Rock a brown eye powder and you'll see an instant and dramatic difference between a natural and edgy brow. It's daring, and it works!

Red Base Hues

Auburn and red-based blondes may find adding some chestnut brow powder helps define their striking underlying pigment. If you have underlying red tones, you likely have blue or green eyes and you already know that pairs well with red. Go ahead and frame your brows with a powder that has a red base.

Mix a Few Colors

It's OK to be a control freak, especially when it comes to the art of cosmetics. If you feel like further customizing your brow powder for your blond tresses, then by all means mix away. For best results, brows should always be within a few shades of your hair color. Use a few different powders with underlying hues and you'll create the most natural looking brow of all. See, natural looking makeup really is a lot of work!

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