What Color Blonde Goes With Cool Skin?

Amanda Seyfried does a darker color of blond with her cool skin at a movie premiere in Westwood, California.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you have a cool skin tone and are looking for blond hair color, you're making a step in the right direction. It's more common for cool-toned women to be on the spectrum of natural blond than warm-toned ladies. Besides, there's some kind of rumor you might have heard: Blondes have more fun. Whether it's true is up to you.

Double Check

Someone might have told you you're cool-toned, but they also might have been wrong. So here's the way to tell for sure. Turn your wrist over and peep at the veins. Are they greenish or purplish toned? If they're green you might want to rethink blond colors for cool-toned skin because you're actually warm-toned. If, instead, your veins are purplish, you've got the green light to go ahead and start picking out your color.

Dirty Girl

What most people call dirty blond is called ash blond in the world of professional hair color. Ash is basically the opposite of warm or golden, which is what you want if your skin is cool. If you have naturally dark blond locks, feel free to lighten them up with ash highlights for a subtle change. Or if you want something a little bit more mysterious for fall and winter, go over whatever color you have with a dark, ash blond, a la Amanda Seyfried. If you have light eyes and aren't into wearing a lot of makeup, a darker shade of blond will make them pop out.

Platinum Babe

If you want to turn heads, then you want to go platinum. Warm-toned girls can't get away with platinum like cool-toned ladies can. And how chic is it to have that striking hair paired with a striking red lip? Very. Platinum blond hair lacks any color at all and works with cool skin tones. Be aware that it can wash you out, so it's a higher-maintenance style in terms of your makeup regimen. You either want to line your eyes and put on some blush, or keep them simple with a bit of mascara and a dramatic lip. Either way, you're looking at an ultra feminine look, regardless of your wardrobe style.

Natural Girl

There is another kind of blond that's in between dark and dirty and white light. It's called natural blond. It's between totally cool and warm. And cool-toned girls can make it happen. It's sort of like the neutral for blond hair color; it can go with both skin tones. Most at-home kits will label this type of color as "natural blond," so it's easy to pick out at the store. Plus, there's usually more than one shade. As a cool-toned dame, you should stick to the lighter shades that have more blue undertones than darker shades that are a bit warmer.

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