How to Color Bleached Hair to Dark Ash Blond

Australian hottie Laura Csortan flaunts her ashy blond mane at a movie premiere.

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Ash color has a green base. Slap it on bleached hair, and you could go green, but not in the healthy, environmental way. Your hair could turn green. Yuck! To prevent celery-colored hair, you have to put some yellow back in -- bleached white hair doesn't have any. The yellow -- infused by way of color additive -- will give your hair a base color that can accept ash blond without going green.


Spray the heck out of your dry hair with color filler, paying particular attention to the ends. Don't worry; you can't spray too much. Douse it good. If it gets damp, it will dry while you're mixing up the color.


Combine 2 oz. ash color, 1/2 oz. yellow color additive and 2 oz. 10-volume color developer in a color bottle. Shake the bottle to mix it -- just like a baby's bottle of milk.


Squirt the color onto your hair, dividing your hair into small sections as you go. Work it in with your hands -- better get some gloves on first if you don't want nasty, stained hands -- until you cover all your hair from root to tip.


Time it for 25 minutes.


Rinse with warm water for five minutes. Even when you feel like your back is breaking, keep rinsing. Shampoo, rinse and repeat. Follow with a good conditioner.

Things You'll Need


1.Color filler

3.10-volume color developer

5.Color bottle



2.Ash blond color

4.Yellow color additive





Tips & Tricks


Worried about turning your gorgeous skin a hideous shade of gray? Prevent color from staining your skin by rubbing a layer of petroleum jelly on the skin around your hairline, ears and neck.

When you put an ash color on white hair, it can end up looking green. Use the yellow additive to prevent mossy color. If your hair is already golden, you might be able to get by without it -- emphasis on the might.


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