Is Coconut Milk Good for Dry & Damaged Hair?

Coconut milk can bring your hair back to life.

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With all of the gels, sprays and shampoos we put into our hair, most of us are struggling to keep our luscious locks healthy. The only catch is you end up putting even more product in, which can actually compound the problem. One solution in this situation is to use coconut milk to bring your dry and damaged hair back to life. And, yes, it really does work!

Natural Conditioner

One of the things women swear by to keep their hair moist is a good conditioner. As any girl with a lot of hair knows, it can cost a pretty penny to keep the good stuff around. It turns out that long before our favorite brands were even conceived, women in other parts of the world were already onto a secret: coconut milk is nature's all-natural conditioner. It can do wonders for dry, brittle and damaged hair when used before a good washing.

Recovery From Processing

Many of us turn to chemical processing to perm, relax, or dye our hair. Sadly, while those methods can have some amazing instant results, the health of our hair is usually sacrificed. Lucky for us, the protein rich nature of coconut milk is a wonderful way to start the healing process. The trick is to make a paste with coconut milk and flour, which you can leave in your hair for up to an hour. Just be sure to wash it out in the shower when you are through, and your hair should be on the way back to good health.

Hair Creams

If you aren't the adventurous type, you can always head to the pharmacy and pick up a store-bought version. Many companies are onto the secret, and have created their own creams that have much the same effect. Most of these products claim to cure split ends, or to re-moisturize dry hair. The only downfall is that you have to carefully read the packaging to make sure they haven't added any dyes and scents, which can further damage your hair.

Healthy Straightening

Those with curly or wavy hair that regularly straighten are at risk of causing long-term damage. On top of helping to maintain a beautiful head of hair, coconut milk is also known as a natural straightener. The heat from hair irons can split and burn hair, which can lead to a vicious cycle often filled with chemical-based products. Instead, you can add lemon juice to a bowl of coconut milk. After letting the mixture sit in the fridge for a few hours there will be a creamy substance on top. Some say the cream can actually straighten hair without the need for a flat iron.

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