The Best Clothing Colors for Red-Headed Women

Colors best suited for red-headed women depend on the hair shade and facial complexion.

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Let's face it, we've probably all complained about our hair at some point or other, and red-headed women are no exception. Sometimes finding colors that don't wash us out or overemphasize our fiery locks can be tricky. In deciding what colors to add to your wardrobe, consider the shade of your red hair and also the complexion of your skin. Strawberry blond and auburn hair have hints of blond and brown, while deep red and copper tinted hair are bolder in appearance, making neutral blacks and whites harder to pull off.

Safe for All Shades

Green looks good on all shades of red. If you look at a basic color wheel, you'll notice that the opposite of red is green, meaning that these two colors are complementary, and therefore good matches. Warmer shades of green are best paired with fair complexions, but for a bold statement, go for a deep emerald or hunter green. A true white may be too light next to a fair complexion, while a dramatic black can cause you to look ghost-like in appearance. Earth tones and pastels are generally colors well-suited for all redheads.

True Red, Auburn and Copper

Warm, pastel colors match well with fiery red and copper-tinted hair. Look for soft shades like golden brown, olive, gold, lilac, blue and aqua. These lighter shades will let your red hair shine without drawing all the attention away from your outfit. Women with a deep red or copper color should veer away from pure white and black. While black is too drastic for your skin tone, bold purple and dark blue shades will wash out your appearance. If you want to incorporate these colors into your outfit, wear a black leather belt or a blue pendant necklace instead.

Strawberry Blond and Light Auburn

If your hair is a lighter shade, like strawberry blond or auburn, the rules change slightly. Introduce more jewel tones into your wardrobe. We're talking blue, violet, peach and hunter green. Because strawberry is close enough to blond and auburn is close to brown, you have a larger color palette to play with. You can probably even get away with wearing red clothes. Just balance a bold color on top with a neutral pant. If in doubt, stick to softer shades of red, which will take emphasis away from your top, highlighting your red hair instead.

Colors to Avoid

Although black is a neutral color that can be worn with any other color, it's not the best shade to wear every day. If you are red-headed, chances are you have a fair complexion and light eyes. Wearing black creates a dramatic effect, and the dark color makes pale skin look even paler. This doesn't mean you can never wear black, but do try to avoid the dark color directly near your face. Rather, wear a black skirt or black pants. Deep purple, pink and red are controversial colors for red-headed women. Softer shades like light pink are less harsh on your natural skin tone.

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