What Clothing Color Best Complements Blue/Green Eyes

Make blue-green eyes pop by wearing a color that really complements them.

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You've hit a major fashion snag. That dress that fits you like a glove makes your blue-green eyes look bland and completely washes out your skin tone. Don't throw down your hard earned cash for a frock that leaves you fading into the background. Fit is one thing, but if you want to be a stand-out, choose clothes in shades that complement your natural assets. Your best colors will make those pretty blue-green babies sparkle and your skin tone glow.

Best Colors for Blue-Green Eyes

Skin tone aside, the best colors for blue-green eyes are those that make them really pop. Any shade of blue is a great go-to. Wear sharp shades like turquoise and cobalt close to the face to intensify the blue in your eyes. Play up their green side by donning deep greens and clear greens. Don't feel limited to blue and green shades, though. You can totally pull off colors like gold, pumpkin, warm browns, dark purples, light purples and bright pinks. Want to make lighter eyes stand out? Simply wear a darker, contrasting shade.

Warm or Cool Skin Tone

Before you choose a pretty top or fabulous cocktail dress to really show off those baby blue-greens, it's good to know whether you're a warm or cool skin tone. The easiest way to do this is to check the color of the veins in your arms. If the veins look blue, you're a cool skin tone. If the veins look green, you're a warm skin tone. Typically, cool skin tones naturally have bluish-black, golden-blond or dark-brown hair. Warm skin tones naturally have red, golden-brown or strawberry-blond locks.

Best Colors for Warm Skin Tone

Gals with warm skin tones have tons of options. Those who have a peachy warm skin tone with golden undertones and blue-green eyes look fierce in colors like dark gray, pumpkin, gold, and deep greens such as olive or jade. Muted tones are your best bet, because pastels and bright colors make you look pale and washed out. On the other hand, ladies with this combination whose skin is ivory rather than peachy can rock bright greens, clear blues and aquas. Unlike your golden-toned friends, steer clear of muted, dull shades.

Best Colors for Cool Skin Tone

Cool skin tones aren't limited when it comes to color. Ladies with blue-green eyes and a cool skin tone that's pale and pink, can indulge in cool, muted colors such as lavender, plum, dusty pink and lighter shades of blue. Really vivid shades and earthy greens and oranges make your eyes pop, but unfortunately clash with your skin. Gals with olive, porcelain or dark brown skin can rock a vivid shade like bright pink, navy blue or turquoise. Though, just like your rosier sisters, it's best to steer clear of earthy tones that wash you out.

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