What Clothes Should I Wear to Make My Thighs Look Smaller?

The A-line skirt is your best bet for concealing your thighs.

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When it comes to thighs, a little extra can be downright sexy (check out Beyonce's generous but oh-so-shapely gams if you're not convinced). But if you've got more than you can handle, ample thighs are one figure faux pas that you can camouflage with the right fashion know-how. Get color, shape and style on your side and you can shrink those babies down to size.

Dark Colors

It's no mystery that black and other dark colors tend to minimize problem areas. So while it may sound blah, you really need to stick to the dark side when trying to reduce the appearance of too-big thighs. If you hate the thought of draping your bod in dark hues, keep in mind that you can go as wild as you want on your top half. A burst of color above the belt is actually a great way to create a visual diversion that keeps those eyes exactly where you want 'em.


Big thighs and teeny skirts are not a good combo -- no matter how tanned and toned those legs might be. The best skirt for you is an A-line skirt that falls at or slightly above the knee. This cut is incredibly kind to the thighs, making them all but disappear while still showing off your flirty, feminine side. A pencil skirt can also work, as long as you make sure you go all the way to the knees and choose a fabric that is form-fitting without being clingy.


A great pant for big, bossy thighs is one with a higher-than-average waist and a straight leg. Look for a fabric that drapes softly over the hips and thighs and make sure pockets are either totally flat or nonexistent. For maximum slimming potential, steer clear of wild patterns, funky washes, ginormous ruffles or other "look at me" do-dads. And if you want to take your thigh-taming efforts a little further, look for pants equipped with built-in shapewear to help reconfigure that bottom half into something a little more streamlined.

Definite Don'ts

No matter how fab it looks on the rack, the bias-cut skirt is not your friend! This cut not only supersizes the hips and thighs, it gives you a wide booty, to boot. Short-shorts are also out, as are miniskirts that fall mid-thigh and sheath dresses that balloon at the waist or end above the knee. And give the skinny jean trend the permanent cold shoulder -- the last thing you want to do is wear something that clutches and clings to every icky speed bump from the hips to the knees.

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