Clothes for the Inverted Triangle Body Type


Women's bodies are beautiful -- and there are so many different body types, shapes and sizes. Once you know your body type, you should make every effort to dress it properly. The inverted triangle body type is often seen as athletic, due to the broad shoulders, slim waist and narrow hips. This body type lacks curves, so the clothing you choose should add balance and proportion.

Wide-Leg/Flare Jeans

The lower half of an inverted triangle body shape is considerably smaller than the top half, so whatever you wear on the bottom should add volume and create the presence of curves. An essential staple of any wardrobe is a pair of well-fitting jeans. The best jeans for an inverted triangle have lots of volume and fabric to balance out the wideness of the upper body. Wide-leg and flare styles are ideal choices because they have a lot of fabric around the knee/calf area, giving your inverted triangle shape the balanced proportion it needs.

A-Line Skirts/Dresses

Arguably the most flattering skirt/dress shape is an A-line because of the easy cut and uncomplicated design. A-lines, which resemble the letter "A," are narrow at the top and flare out slightly around the hip and thigh area. A-line skirts and dresses work well with an inverted triangle shape because they accentuate the small waist while adding volume to the narrow hips and slim thighs.

Belted Blouses/Tops

Every body shape has a highlight and focal point. For an inverted triangle it's the narrow waist that garners all of the attention. That's why you should always find ways to draw the eye to it. The easiest way is to wear a belt with your blouses and tops. By accessorizing with a belt your waist keeps its narrow shape but it also gives you a sense of balance to your broad upper body. Since your waist is so small, you can wear all belt widths.

Wide Straps/V-Necks

The broad shoulders and full bust of an inverted triangle shape are the toughest areas to dress. However, there are definitely clothing options to tone down this area and add a much needed sense of balance. You never want to put thin, spaghetti straps on the broad shoulders of an inverted triangle because it draws more attention and makes you look larger. Instead, opt for a wider strap that adds balance, and can even make your shoulders appear smaller depending on the width. When you have a full bust, V-necks are often a great choice because they open up your decolletage, making your neck look longer and your bust smaller.

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