What Clothes Are Flattering for an Athletic Build?


Sure, women with an hourglass figure are highly regarded in society. What with their bountiful curves, small waists and ideal proportions, it may seem like that is the only body type to have. Well, that is far from the truth. All body types are beautiful, and one in particular is a frequent mainstay on the runway. Yes, an athletic figure is the most popular shape of some of your favorite supermodels, so you're in good company. But you must first know how to properly dress it.

Proportional Dresses

An athletic body type is known by many names such as boyish and inverted triangle. Regardless of what you call it, you need to know the right clothing to make your figure look stunning in any garment. Since your shoulders are wider than your waist and hips, you always want clothing that creates the illusion of curves. One easy way to do this is to choose dresses with the right proportions. There are two types of dresses that work best for your athletic figure. A dress with a cinched-in waistline and a flared out hem accentuates your small waist, while creating curves along your lower half. Another choice is a dress in an all over fitted silhouette because the tight fit will hug your body and create the illusion of a more hourglass figure.

Belted Tops/Wide Straps

While an athletic figure has a small waist, it doesn't have the contrast in relation to the hips, so wearing anything with a belt will always help. Choosing tops that are belted cinches in your waist and gives you the balanced proportion that your body type lacks. Skinny belts are fine, but wide belts are better because their thickness creates a curvier silhouette. One of the key components of an athletic figure is broad shoulders, so you need to know what tops to wear to minimize their appearance. Avoid anything with spaghetti straps, and instead opt for those that are wide because they smooth the shape of your shoulders.

Voluminous Pants/Jeans

If there is one area of an athletic body that should be given extra attention it's the lower half because it lacks curves. This is a fundamental issue when you are selecting pants and jeans. While skinny styles work because they emphasize your thin legs, pants/jeans that are more voluminous are your best bets. Wide-leg, gauchos, harem and flare are all styles of jeans and pants that give your bottom the curves they naturally lack.

Full Skirts

As with jeans and pants, the skirts you choose for your athletic figure should also create the illusion of curves. Skirts with a full silhouette nip at the waist and billow out at the bottom to give your figure a well-balanced appearance. A-line, balloon and circle are great skirt styles that fall away from the body to give the lower half of your body lovely curves. Quick tip: For maximum balance, pair your full skirt with a fitted top.

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