The Best Clothes for Broad Shoulders

V-neck tops are a good style for those with broad shoulders.

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While they may be sometimes hard to fit, ladies that have broad shoulders are in pretty fierce company, as many supermodels also covet this upper body shape. As with any area-specific feature on your body that's considerably large, you want to enhance it but not draw attention to it, so you must know how to properly dress for it. Beautiful, broad shoulders look great in many fashion ensembles, but there are definitely some clothes that look better than others.

V-Neck/U-Neck Tops

When you have broad shoulders you want to avoid necklines that are equally wide and thick that add mass to an already full area. Instead, broad-shouldered beauties should opt for necklines that contain a deep, plunging V-neck or U-neck design because they cause the eye to travel downwards and inwards, taking the focus off of your shoulders. Also, if the neckline of a top or dress is too wide, it stretches horizontally, which makes everything on your upper body appear larger, including your shoulders.

Spaghetti-Strap Dresses

You may think that your broad shoulders are best suited with a strap style that is thick because it balances out your upper region, but that could not be further from the truth. Actually, thick straps have the complete opposite effect: instead of adding balance, they add mass and bulk. A thin spaghetti strap looks so much better on a broad-shouldered frame because its delicate nature is a visually flattering contrast to the thickness of broad shoulders. In addition, spaghetti straps draw the eye to the lovely decolletage area.

Kimono/Dolman Sleeves

The rules for sleeves for a fashionable girl with broad shoulders are really quite simple. Avoid anything with extra detail or anything that cuts off your arm. This means cap sleeves, puffy sleeves, pleats at the shoulders and ruffled detail on the upper part of the arm. Alternatively, look for sleeves that have more fabric and a fuller design, such as kimono or dolman sleeves because the cut of the sleeve softens the severe nature of your shoulders. Quick tip: if kimono or dolman sleeves aren't for you, sleeveless designs also beautifully flatter broad shoulders.

Small Prints/Details on Top

There is one fundamental rule involving details and prints that works for practically any area on your body that you want to appear smaller. Keep all prints and details in the designated area small and understated, because the larger the print, the more mass and bulk it adds to the area. If you have broad shoulders, this means that you should save all of the big, flashy prints for the lower half of your body and keep things subtle up top. By incorporating this look, you are adding a nice balance to your silhouette.

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