Clogged Pores on the Body Causing Sweating

Don't let a sweat ruin your day.

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If you’ve noticed some seriously blocked pores and you’re sweating more, you might think the two are connected. The truth is, sweating isn’t caused by your pores -- it's caused by physical changes like increased temperature or blood pressure. So, if clogged pores are sending your anger levels through the roof, you might see some extra sweat, but you can't blame the pores. If you’re seeing clogged pores on your body, though, unclog them for improved, glowing skin.


Sweating isn’t caused by clogged pores -- instead, your sweat glands sense a stimulus like excessive heat and kick into high gear. Sweat isn’t a bad guy; it keeps you cool, helping regulate your body temperature. You have about 2.8 million sweat glands, according to WebMD. When your heart rate goes up -- whether you’re on the treadmill or fuming about the rising cost of perfume -- you’ll sweat.

Clogged Pores

Clogged pores come from dirt, oil and dead skin that hangs out on your face and slips into your pores. If you’re super upset about your clogged pores and your body releases stress hormones and increases your blood pressure, then your clogged pores could be affecting the amount of sweat you’re producing. In general though, clogged pores are more about troubled skin and acne than super sweating.

Unclogging Pores

If your pores are super clogged, try to fix the problem. Place a washcloth under really warm water and lay it across your face. The heat opens your pores. Use an oil-free wash designed to kill acne. It should contain medication like salicylic acid. Once you’ve washed it off, put on a pore-clearing mask. Use one that hardens so you can peel it -- and the stuff clogging your pores -- off when you’re done.


If you notice you’re sweating excessively, think about seeing your doctor. There are treatments that can help you solve the problem. Check out your makeup and skin-care regimen. If it doesn’t say noncomedogenic or oil-free, ditch it. Killing the extra oil you’re adding to your face will help you keep your pores open. Keep your hands off your face and cut back on the washings. Twice per day is plenty.

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