How to Clear Up Acne for Sensitive Skin

Even a gorgeous celeb like Hayden Penettiere has said she has dealt with acne problems.

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If you're a girl who deals with pimples and breakouts on a regular basis, you can at least take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. Most girls deal with outbreaks at some point in their lives. If you also have sensitive skin -- lucky you, huh? -- you have to be uber-careful with the products you use on your skin, making fighting acne even harder. But with the right products and skin care techniques you can clear up acne without irritation to your tender skin.


Wash your face. Everyone should wash their faces on a regular basis, especially if those with acne problems. One of the major causes of acne is oil buildup on the skin, and everything from your favorite cosmetic products to pollution can be responsible for excess oil on your pretty skin. But don't overdo it. The American Academy of Dermatology advises those with sensitive skin to wash their faces only once per day and avoid exfoliation, as this can worsen already sensitive skin. Stick with a cleanser specially formulated for sensitive skin to help prevent irritation and breakouts.


Avoid moisturizing your face too frequently. A dry, scaly, mummified face is never hot, but too much of a good thing can be no good. A bit of moisturizer is helpful for sensitive skin because it helps prevent and reduce irritation, but an excess buildup of oil on the skin can cause irritation. To avoid this, use a light cream-based moisturizer after washing your face. Choose a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. Your skin is already sensitive and sun damage will only cause further irritation.


Even though you may have just have found the greatest foundation in the world, try not to use too much of it. Overdoing it with your foundation can clog your pores, resulting in breakouts. Use a foundation with a gentle formula to keep your sensitive skin from getting irritated.


Use the right natural ingredients on your sensitive skin to clear up acne. Tea tree oil is a safe and effective ingredient for acne; steer clear of others such as coconut and avocado oil, which can actually cause outbreaks and irritation on sensitive skin.

Things You'll Need


1.Facial cleanser


2.Light cream-based moisturizer

4.Tea tree oil


Tips & Tricks


Talking to a dermatologist can help you learn more about your sensitive skin problem and how to deal with it. There are tests that can determine what type or types of sensitive skin you have and give you insight into how to better choose products and how to treat inflammation and outbreaks.


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