How to Clean a Purse Lining

Sassy gals like yourself can't possibly tote around dirty purses.

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Your poor purse's lining can come into contact with all kinds of questionable materials, and they can leave marks. Lipstick, other makeup and even food stains often adorn bag linings. Of course, you can't have a dirty liner on your fancy purse, so you'll have to take care of the stains in a hurry. Get rid of stains with items you already have around your house.


Remove all of the items from your purse. Doing so makes it easier to clean your grimy lining. Don't just hold your bag upside down and tip out of all of your belongings, as this will likely only lead to broken or otherwise damaged goods and a huge mess to clean up afterward.


Once the bag is empty, pull the liner out of the purse as far as it will go.


Pour a capful each of warm water and liquid dish soap into a bowl. Stir the ingredients together until they are well incorporated and sudsy.


Dip a cotton swab into the liquid until it is saturated. Rub the dirty spot with the wet swab in a circular motion.


Switch swabs often when cleaning a stubborn stain. Using the same one over and over increases your chances of rubbing the stain back into the fabric, making it worse.


Leave the liner out of the bag and allow it to air dry. Pretty soon, your purse will look poppin' and you'll be proud to show it off again.

Things You'll Need


1.Liquid dish soap

3.Cotton swabs



Tips & Tricks


Take your purse to a dry cleaner if you are unsure if it is made from material that can stand up to dish soap.

Use a cotton cloth to wash your lining if you are just doing a little routine maintenance and there aren't any stains. Using a larger piece of cloth makes the job of cleaning the whole liner easier. This isn't a job for your Hermés scarf; use a piece of cloth that is down with getting a little dirty.


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