How to Clean a Polyester Coat

Polyester won't shrink in your washer.

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Like other synthetic fabrics, polyester is shrink-proof and also resists water-based stains. This cuts down on the amount of fussy care required, so you can clean your coat without a hassle and be as rough as you want when wearing it. The fabric is prone to serious wrinkles and creases if not hung up promptly. Iron with a warm iron if necessary to keep the coat looking sharp, so you can look your best.


Put your polyester coat in the washing machine with like-colored items.


Set the wash cycle to warm, which provides enough heat to kill germs and totally clean your coat. Set the wash setting to permanent press.


Add your fave laundry detergent and begin the wash. An all-purpose detergent works for polyester coats.


Remove the polyester coat from the washing machine when the wash cycle ends.


Machine dry the jacket on a low heat setting, or hang it up to dry. If you accidentally dry your coat on a high heat setting, you risk permanently wrinkling it for a fashion fail.

Tips & Tricks


Polyester can typically be safely dry cleaned, if you want someone else to get spots out for you.

Take your coat out of the dryer when the cycle ends and hang it up before wrinkles set in.


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