How to Clean Merrell Boots


You're an outdoor-loving kind of gal who rates comfortable boots second only to oxygen. Whether you love hiking or romping in the snow, Merrell boots are your go-to shoe. Merrell boots are made from different kinds of leather, which may make you wonder just how to clean them without ruining the grain. Luckily, you most likely already have everything you need at home to tackle the task. Merrell boots are far from cheap, so you want to take care of them like they are the most precious gems.


Clean your Merrell boots often to avoid dirt from building up. You want to avoid having your boots -- and by extension you -- looking dingy on a regular basis! Use a soft-bristeled brush to remove dried mud, salt and other debris.


Remove stuck-on gunk when needed, most likely after you've returned from a particularly dusty or muddy hiking trail. Moisten a soft cloth with water and a mild soap. Dish detergent or a mild hand soap will do. Gently massage the boots with the cloth to lift off the dirt. If your Merrell boots are nubuck or suede, work in one direction only to avoid messing up the nap.


Swipe a cloth dampened with plain water over your newly-cleaned Merrell boots. Soap residue can damage the leather grain.


Clean away salt stains from your winter boots with a half vinegar and half water concoction. A damp cloth dipped in the solution is all the TLC these babies need to look fresh and fierce again. Remember to squeeze out excess water before cleaning to avoid waterlogged boots.

Things You'll Need


1.Soft-bristeled brush

3.Dish detergent

2.Soft cloth



Tips & Tricks


Always let your Merrell boots air dry. Take out the insoles and shoelaces and open the boot up as wide as possible.


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