How to Clean Laura Mercier Sponges

Keep makeup sponges clean for clear skin.

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If you want to apply liquid foundation flawlessly like a pro, use a makeup sponge. The sponges, such as the ones manufactured by Laura Mercier, a French makeup artist with an upscale cosmetic line, need to be cleaned on a regular basis so that your skin stays looking its best.

Reasons to Clean

With regular usage, liquid foundation builds up on Laura Mercier's makeup sponges, which are made of synthetic, nonlatex foam. It can be harder to apply makeup smoothly with a dirty sponge, and bacteria can build up in the fibers. It's important to wash the sponges with mild soap every few days to remove any dirt or oil, which can lead to skin irritation or acne. Cleaning the sponges on a regular basis saves you money since you can replace them less frequently.

How to Clean

Cleaning a makeup sponge is simple and takes only a few minutes. Work the process into your daily makeup routine to make it a regular habit. Rinse the sponge with warm water to remove any foundation and squeeze it dry. Place a few drops of a mild soap, such as facial cleanser, onto the sponge and wet it with warm water. Work the soap into the sponge with your fingertips for one minute to lift out any debris. Rinse the sponge with warm water once more to remove all the soap.

Drying Process

After washing the makeup sponge, pat it with a clean, dry towel to remove any moisture. Place the damp sponge on a clean surface and allow it to thoroughly air-dry before using it again. It's important that the sponge is completely dry before storage to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Replacing the Sponges

You'll eventually have to replace your Laura Mercier makeup sponges, even after meticulous daily maintenance. The makeup manufacturer suggests throwing a sponge away when it begins to lose firmness or starts to "pill."

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