Chunky Hairstyles

You can make chunky hair work for all hair lengths.

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Chunky, piecey hair is a popular style. After all, this hairdo makes your tresses look incredibly thick, healthy and full of shine. Best of all, it's appropriate for both informal and formal affairs, depending on how you style it. The cut of your hair as well as its natural thickness both play a part in just how chunky you can get your hair to look, but the most important factor is definitely the product. The perfect amount of waxy, slightly creamy pomade results in a perfect piecey hairstyle.

Go Short

Try a short, chunky pixie hairdo like that of Lisa Rinna, who wears this look so well. Take closely cropped, layered hair, and pull small sections outward from roots to ends with a dab of styling gel and your fingers. This look is particularly great messy, so don't be afraid to really work your fingertips in there. For a slightly more refined version, follow this by taking a curling iron and curling the ends of your hair (and your bangs, if you have them) away from your face. This will give you a fantastically "fanned out" look.

Go Sleek

Imitate the fabulously edgy Rihanna and have your hair cut longer in the front and shorter in the back. Take a dime-sized dollop of styling cream, rub between your palms, and run it through the front pieces of your hair from roots to ends. Divide sections depending on how chunky you want them. (Bigger sections equal chunkier pieces.) Your hair will graze your eyes and maybe even your nose, so this look is not for the stylistically meek. Just make sure you can see.

Go Bob

Blow-dry your chin-length (or shoulder-length) bob under heat, and then when hair is fully dry, go over it once more with your dryer on cool. This will help separate your hair. Squeeze some pomade into both hands, and run them through your hair, making sure to grab the pieces often forgotten underneath. Just make sure you aren't combing through your hair (this defeats the purpose of chunky hair), but instead are grabbing thick pieces of it and running your hands downward, slightly twisting at the ends to make sure all pieces stay separated.

Go Long

Style long tresses with plenty of hair wax in order to achieve the piecey look that Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens wear so well. After drying hair completely, take a quarter-sized dab of hair wax and scrunch into your hair with both hands. Squeeze the hair at the roots, and also at the ends, making sure to have each section covered. This will give you a more beachy, wavy look. But rest assured, your hair still will be very chunky.

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