How to Chunk Hair

Traci Bingham showed off some chunk highlghts at the American Red Cross benefit, 2005.

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chunky hair or highlights change up your look in a big way by providing big blocks of lighter color. Chunking works well for both short and long hair, in any texture. The key is optimal placement of just a few bold chunks. It promises you a radical makeover, so get ready to show off a bold new you when the dye job's done.


Plan it out before you start. Select up to six areas of your head that you'd like to highlight with big chunks of color. You want your chunks to be visible, so along the hairline or crown is a good place to start.


Mix your dye following the instructions on your dye kit. Read the instructions so you know how long to leave on the dye.


Part your hair as normal and comb it to remove tangles.


Pull on the highlighting cap that came with your kit. These have wide holes that make chunking a snap. Also cover up those fingers with latex gloves.


Use the hook that came with the kit to pull the pieces of hair that you want to chunk outside the cap. Pull all the hair you want to highlight outside the cap.


Comb through the chunks then coat them with dye using the applicator.


Set your timer and chill while the dye sets in.


Hop in the shower, cap still on, and rinse your tresses until the lukewarm water runs clear. Remove the cap and toss it in the trash.


Treat your new highlights to a gentle shampoo and moisturizing conditioner post-dye.

Things You'll Need


1.Chunk highlight kit




Tips & Tricks


If you want colored chunks like pink or purple, replace the highlighting dye with one in your favorite hue.


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