Choppy-Looking Hairstyles for Women

Go punk with a choppy haircut.

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Choppy hairstyles can cover a multitude of imperfections. You can let it look like you made that cowlick on purpose, or that you wanted your bangs to fly off in four different directions. Choppy hairstyles are easy to fluff and add body to fine hair. They're also useful for thinning out big bushy heads of hair.

Shoulder Length

Cut your hair just above the shoulders and let the various choppy layers extend from your roots to the ends. Girls who can get their hair to flip slightly out with a touch of gel and a light lick of the curling iron get a great now kind of look that's popular on the runway, the stage and the screen. The cut looks like all those different lengths flip on their own, but really, they are masterfully arranged by you. The shoulder-length chopped cut also provides a great base for highlights that will shine through the different layers and swing as you move.

Short Chop

The short chop is the ideal wash-and-wear style because you can use the underside shorter strands to give your style a little lift. Flat hair is totally out in 2011, and the easier you can get a little body, the better. A smudge of gel or root boost rubbed into your scalp can help maintain your do all day. For more fullness, get more chops in varying lengths in the back. You can part your hair slightly off center and either get short, choppy bangs, or let your bangs grow long enough to swoop across your forehead for a totally Katherine Hepburn affect.


Have fun with a choppy haircut. Leave length in the front and chop the back close to your scalp. Let one side swoop down along your cheekbone while the layers get chopped up on the other side for an asymmetrical look. Edgy chopped styles that are extra short or just short enough to be called short make especially cool platforms for bright neon colors, orange tints or even a little black and blue. Chop your bangs so they hang over eyebrows for a brooding look. Leave long tendrils to hang down your back or over your shoulders.

Mess It Up

Choppy hairstyles are great for when you're shooting for that "I don't care, I'm so not into what you think that I don't even comb my hair" look. With a chopped cut, there really is no delineation you have to follow. Instead, you can move it to the left or right as the mood strikes. Shape the choppy messy hair in toward your face to highlight your eyes, and sweep it back when you have a great new diamond to show off at your neck. With a messy, short chopped cut, you can just wake up in the morning and let your hair tell you what's it's going to do today -- and then just let it -- it's all good.

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