How to Choose the Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Determine the dominant colors in your hazel eyes to choose the best hair color.

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Changing your hair color is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to spruce up your look. However, just how buying the wrong pair of jeans can make your butt look big, choosing the wrong hair color can look unnatural. Not only should you take into account your current hair color and skin tone, but you should also consider your eye color. The specific color of hazel eyes differ, as they can range from greenish brown to a more golden brown. So before making a final decision about what sassy new hair color to use to complement your hazel eyes, follow these easy tips.


Look into a mirror to determine the specific color of your hazel eyes. According to hairdresser Marlin Bressi, hazel eyes can be categorized into four different colors: predominantly green, greenish yellow, golden yellow, and bluish green. Carefully examine your eyes to see which of these categories best describe your eye color.


If you have hazel eyes with a lot of green (and many hazel-eyed people do), choose a bold red, reddish-brown or auburn hair color. This is especially true if you have fair skin since most natural redheads are on the pale side. On the other hand, if you're looking for bold and not so much natural, a vibrant red, regardless of your skin tone, is just the statement you want to make. Colors you should avoid include ash brown or bright blond.


Apply a violet-based red hair color, such as eggplant or dark wine, if you have greenish-yellow hazel eyes. Since these colors are not necessarily naturally occurring in nature, these bold choices will look good on any skin tone. The worst choices for this type of hazel color are copper and golden colors.


Complement your golden-yellow hazel eyes with nearly any shade of brown. However, colors with a slight violet undertone, such as chocolate brown, are particularly flattering. Since brown hair is found naturally on each and every skin color, you don't have to worry about looking washed out or unnatural (if that's a concern for you). Colors you should avoid are copper colors.


Choose a coppery red shade hair color if your hazel eyes have more of a cool tone such as blue. Since this is a rare color for hazel eyes, you're one of the lucky few who will actually look good with a copper-colored mane. You will also look smashing in a golden blond.

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If you can't splurge at the salon to have your hair professionally colored, check out some of the "do-it-yourself" hair coloring products. If you choose this option, however, it might be best to ask a friend or your partner for help, as dyeing your hair solo can be messy, and you may end up missing sections of hair, especially if you have long and/or thick hair.


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