How to Change the Texture of Kanekalon Hair

Soak Kanekalon hair in vinegar.

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Long, sexy braids are hot! As long as they are not literally hot. If you have an allergy to the coating that gives Kanekalon hair is lustrous texture, it can feel like your scalp is on fire. To avoid the itching and burning associated with Kanekalon, you may opt to soak the hair before braiding. There is one drawback: Soaking will remove the coating, and it will change the texture of the Kanekalon. While the synthetic hair will still be smooth, it may tend to frizz easier than if it had the coating. Frizz or itch --- You decide.


Fill a large basin with warm water. If you don't have a basin, pull up the stopper and use your bathroom sink.


Pour 1 cup of distilled white vinegar into the water. Give the water a swish with your hand to mix the water and vinegar.


Lay the Kanekalon hair in the vinegar water. Let it soak for 15 minutes, which will give the vinegar time to neutralize the alkaline base.


Take the Kanekalon out of the vinegar water after the 15-minute soak. Lay the hair flat on a bath towel to air dry.

Things You'll Need



3.Bath towel

2.1 cup distilled white vinegar


Tips & Tricks


If the Kanekalon hair appears dull or frizzy after soaking, spray it with some braid spray to add sheen.

Do not dry the Kanekalon with a hairdryer. Air-drying is best! The high heat from the hairdryer can singe the Kanekalon fibers.


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