What Causes Bra Cups to Pucker?

A well-fit bra should not have cups that pucker.

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Your bra does a lot of hard work for you -- it lifts, supports and keeps your girls in place for all the strapless, halter, skintight and flimsy clothes you want to wear. For this reason, it’s important to have a bra that fits just right. When one or both sides pucker, you have a few fit problems that can easily be fixed by finding the right bra and making a few adjustments.

Bra Too Large

Maybe you’ve lost weight or just miss-guessed your size -- either way, if your bra cups pucker on both sides, it’s possible that your bra is simply too big. Another way to tell if your bra is too tight is that it will tend to ride up throughout the day. A properly fitted bra should stay in place, band and cups included. If your bra doesn’t, and puckering is involved, it may be time to head to a store and try out a few different sizes.

Uneven Chest Size

While perfect symmetry would be awesome, most women don’t have it. From your eyes to your feet to your chest, you tend to have one side that is larger than the other. If you experience puckering on only one side of your bra, then you might be one of the people who have a more noticeable size difference.

Fast Fixes

If size is the contributing factor, there are a couple of easy fixes you can make to keep your bra from puckering again. The first is to purchase a bra that has a very stretchy fabric, which can mold to the contour of each individual breast. You also could purchase a bra that has removable padding and pull out one of the pads to make your breasts appear more even. Pulling the strap tighter on the side that puckers or slipping in a breast cup to add some volume also may help to reduce the size difference.

Stretched-Out Material

Just like your favorite worn-in jeans, your bras can get stretched out. While this may make your jeans more comfortable, it only makes your bra more ill-fitting. If you have had the bra for a while and it starts to pucker, it may be time to purchase a new one. Bras that have become stretched-out also likely have other signs of wear and tear, such as fraying edges, straps that won’t adjust easily or fabric that appears thinner in some places.

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