Does Carrot Oil Make Your Hair Grow?

Carrots can be useful for things other than good eyesight.

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As women, we are always looking for ways to make our hair grow faster. From vitamins to expensive treatments at hair salons, we'll go to any length to get length. There have always been home remedies our grandmothers told us about, but are we really going to put urine in our hair? However, there are some things that actually work. One of those things is carrot oil.

What Is Carrot Oil?

Carrot oil is an oil extract from seeds of wild carrot plants. It is yellow, and smells sweet. In a list of a product's ingredients, it will be called Duacus carota. It has been used for years as an herb for many things, especially skin and hair. UCLA dermatologist Harold Lancer says vitamins make hair stronger. Stronger hair helps hair grow and not break. Because carrot oil helps make your hair stronger, it will help it grow.

Hair Growth

The average yearly growth of hair from your scalp is about 6 inches. That means daily, the hair grows 4/10th of a millimeter. So, of course, we want to speed up that process.

What It Does

Carrot oil alone won't make your hair grow faster, but it will help. Other things -- a healthy lifestyle, good eating and sleeping habits -- also affect how fast your hair grows. Regardless of how fast your hair grows, carrot oil will improve its condition. The oil strengthens the hair so it will break less, and leaves it looking shiny and smooth.


You don't have to go out and find carrot oil from the actual plant. Many hair products contain carrot oil, including BB Carrot Oil Hair Strengthener, Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil and Carrot Oil Creme. These products work from the root and are aimed at helping to make hair stronger and healthier. The healthier your hair is, the faster it will grow.

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