How to Care for Your Suede & Faux Fur Winter Boots

Keep your winter boots in good condition.

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If you want to keep your feet warm and toasty while still looking stylish during cold winter months, invest in a pair of suede and faux fur boots. Durable suede will protect your feet against the elements, such as snow and ice, while the faux fur trim provides added warmth as well as a fashionable look. Maintain your boots throughout the season for long-lasting wear.

Protect the Boots

Immediately after purchasing the winter boots, treat them with a waterproof spray. Water from either melting ice or snow may damage suede's napped texture, so it's best to prevent the problem. Spritz the boots with the water-repellent spray each time you clean them so that the coating doesn't wear off.

Remove Scuff Marks and Dirt

If your suede and fur faux boots are a staple in a winter wardrobe, they may show the effects of normal wear and tear over time. To keep the stylish footwear looking its best, remove any scuff marks or dirt right away. Simply buff the scuff marks gently with a pencil eraser, and remove any dirt by lightly rubbing the debris with an emery board.

Remove Salt Marks

One of the biggest headaches of winter is salt stains on footwear. While the salt may keep you from slipping on city streets and sidewalks, the chemical can wreak havoc on your suede boots. Make a gentle cleaner of one cup distilled white vinegar and one cup of water, and dab the solution onto the salt marks using a soft cloth. Go over the area with another cloth dipped in clean water, and allow the boots to air dry. Use a tiny amount of liquid to clean the boots to avoid ruining the suede.

Clean Faux Fur

Although faux fur looks fashionable when clean and in good condition, it can bring down your entire look when its dirty. If winter conditions have taken a toll on your boots' faux fur trim, clean it up with basic household ingredients. Add a few drops of mild soap, such as dish detergent, to cold water and dab a clean cloth into it. Spot-clean the fur, concentrating on especially soiled areas. Allow the fur to dry, and revive matted fibers by fluffing them with a soft brush.

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