How to Care for Sorel Boot Liners

Keep your Sorel boot liners clean and warm in your boots.

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Those Sorel boots you splurged on will probably last a good long time, keeping your feet warm when you're tramping through the snow and ice. In fact, Sorel knows that their boots are such high quality, that they made separate Sorel liners so you can replace the liners and keep on wearing them season after season. Care for those boot liners to make sure they stay toasty warm inside your boots.


Remove the boot liners from your boots if they're wet. Place them in a warm spot and let them dry out before you put them back inside the boots. Leaving damp boot liners to fester inside your boots is a bad idea. Think big time stench and bacteria!


Get a soft cloth wet with warm water and add a few drops of mild soap to the cloth. Work a little lather up on the cloth and use it to spot clean your ThermoPlus boot liners if you see any dirt or stains. Rinse the cloth in warm water and use it to rinse out the soap from the boot liners. Place your damp boot liners in a warm spot until they're dry and then put them back in your boots.


Hand wash felt boot liners in the sink with mild laundry detergent and cool water. Suds them up gently by hand, rinse them carefully and then squeeze them to remove as much water as you can. Hang the boot liners to dry. Use an indoor clothesline or hang them from a hanger with clothespins. When they're dry, put them back inside your boots and you're ready to go again.

Things You'll Need


1.Soft cloth

3.Gentle laundry detergent


2.Mild hand soap

4.Clothesline (optional)


Tips & Tricks


Never never put any type of Sorel boot liners in the washing machine or dryer. They'll shrink and you'll never get your feet inside them again.


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