How to Take Care of Pubic Hair

Soaking in a warm bath relaxes you and prepares your pubic hair for shaving.

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Regardless of whether you prefer a full or landing strip appearance on the hair "down there," taking care of your pubic area is a must. Groomed pubic hair is more hygienic, reducing places for bacteria to grow and cause unpleasant odors and literally clears the way for being intimate. Grooming is also a quick way to make undergarments and tight clothing a little more comfortable; it stops the ouch of pubic hairs getting caught and pulled. However, because the area is very sensitive and can be a little hard to see and reach, you have to approach pubic hair care cautiously.


Sit on a toilet with your legs spread. Pull your pubic hair up in small tufts and trim the excess hair with blunt-nose scissors. Flush away your trimmings. If you are concerned about clogs, you can trim over a towel you already plan to launder and then put the trimmings in your wastebasket.


Soak in a warm -- not hot -- bath. This softens the pubic hairs, making removal easier.


Apply a liberal amount of shaving cream to your fingertips. Sit in your bathtub in a low squatting position. Spread the cream over the skin that has pubic hair you would like to remove. Don't be embarrassed if you have some hair down the upper inside of your thighs in addition to your genitals; this is completely normal.


Pull the skin that has hair you don't want tight with your fingers. Pull your razor across the skin in the same direction of the hair growth. Don't run the razor over your skin more than three times, because this can cause irritation. Rinse the razor frequently. Take your time and don't rush.


Rinse your genital area with lukewarm, plain water. Exfoliate your skin and cleanse with a soft loofah and regular body wash.


Pat your genitals and pubic hair dry.


Apply a moisturizer to the skin you've shaved.


Monitor your pubic hair growth and repeat all steps when the length of the hair is longer than you want. Once a week is usually enough, but it's OK to shave every day as long as the skin doesn't become irritated.

Things You'll Need


1.Blunt-nose scissors


5.Body wash





Tips & Tricks


The genitals can be sensitive after sex or during your menstrual cycle. It's fine to nix your hair care routine for a day or two if you are sore.

Combing your pubic hair before trimming ensures the length of the trim is more consistent and removes loose hairs.

Avoid using waxing products on the genitals whenever possible. Waxing pulls hairs out of the follicles and can rip your skin if not properly done.

Don't use shaving creams and soaps that have perfumes -- these can irritate the skin around your pubic hair.

Never share razors and other pubic hair grooming tools. This puts you at risk for contracting diseases or problems like lice.


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