Care of Pierced Ears

Pierced ears need regular care to stay healthy.

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One of your body's assets, in regards to fashion, is its ability to showcase pierced ears. Pierced ears give you the chance to wear earrings of different styles, shapes and colors and give that extra "oomph" to your fierce outfits. Yet, remember, your skin has been pierced, so routine care is a must to make sure your piercings stay healthy. This holds true whether you have freshly pierced ears or you've been rocking your pierced lobes for a long time. After all, crusty, red earlobes aren't a fashion statement!

Routine Care


Wash your hands with soap and water before beginning. Remove your earrings and place aside.


Fill a small container with water and add 5 or 6 drops of liquid antibacterial soap to the water. Agitate the water with your fingers to form suds.


Fold a paper towel into halves to form a square and dip it into the soapy water to saturate it. Squeeze gently to remove excess liquid.


Dab the piercing with the wet, soapy paper towel to clean. Wipe the piercing with a cotton swab to remove any crusting that may be present. Wipe with a wet paper towel to remove the soap residue.


Pat dry with a clean towel. Wipe the posts of your earrings with rubbing alcohol to disinfect and replace your earrings in your ears.

Newly Pierced Ears Care


Clean your piercings twice daily, with antibacterial soap and warm water, while they are healing. Do not remove your earrings to clean. You can apply the soap and water directly to the area while you are in the shower. The average healing time for ear piercings is six to eight weeks, according to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.


Rotate the earring in your ear twice per day, after you clean it with soap and warm water. Gently grasp the back of the earring and turn it 360 degrees in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion.


Apply a fragrance-free saline solution (the place where you get your ears pierced will likely provide this) to the pierced area with a clean cotton ball twice per day, especially after sweating or getting dirty.


Hold a piece of tissue paper or paper towel over your ear piercings, if you spray hairspray on your hair. This will keep the spray from entering the healing site.

Things You'll Need


1.Antibacterial soap

3.Small container

5.Cotton swab


4.Paper towels


Tips & Tricks


Leave earrings in newly pierced ears for approximately six to eight weeks to keep the hole from closing.

Always wash your hands before cleaning or caring for your piercing to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can dry out your skin, so avoid using them as a disinfectant.

Ointments can keep air from reaching the piercing. If you have redness, irritation or swelling in the area of your piercing, consult with a doctor for advice.

Avoid hot tubs and swimming pools while your ear piercings are healing. If you must go in a hot tub or pool, keep your ears dry and out of the water.

Use paper towels when wiping your piercings. Cloth towels can spread bacteria.

Avoid rotating your earrings, for the first year after new piercings, unless you have just cleaned them with soap and warm water. While healing, and after, the skin will constrict around the earring post. If you don't apply warm water, you may tear the skin inside the piercing when trying to rotate the earring, according to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.


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