How to Care for Your Newly Pierced Nose

Take care of your newly pierced nose to avoid infection.

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Your new nose piercing looks great, so make sure it stays that way. A body piercing can take up to six weeks or even longer to completely heal, according to the Mayo Clinic, but complications can happen if you don't know what to do during the healing process. Caring for your newly pierced nose will help you rock the look without nasty infections compromising your health.


Wash your hands regularly with antibacterial soap and warm water. Most people touch their faces a lot during the day without even thinking about it--you're probably not an exception. You don't want to infect your newly pierced nose with the dirt and bacteria that lurks on your hands after you take out the trash, do you?


Clean your piercing every day when you shower, but don't overdo it. The Association of Professional Piercers suggests using just a drop of soap to wash your nose, including the jewelry, but to rinse within 30 seconds to avoid irritation. Your nose might be a little swollen or bruised at first, but you don't want to encourage that behavior by making your nose piercing angry.


Moisten a cotton swab with water and gently remove any crustiness that forms around your nose piercing. You might be squicked out by the sight of it, but the oozing is completely normal in the early days of any facial or body piercing.


Use paper towels to pat your nose dry after each washing. You can do your part to save the environment in other ways until your piercing heals. Cloth towels can snag on your jewelry and also harbor lots of undetectable bacteria--yuck!


Regularly clean any household objects that might come in contact with your nose--your phone or glasses, for example--to maintain a sterile environment for your new piercing. Antibacterial wipes are easy and disposable.


Give your nose a soft, clean place to rest for the night. Cover your pillow with a clean cotton T-shirt and turn it each night to provide your piercing with a sanitary surface. You can also wash your pillowcase every night, but who wants to do that much laundry?

Things You'll Need


1.Antibacterial soap

3.Paper towels

5.Cotton T-shirt

2.Cotton swabs

4.Antibacterial wipes


Tips & Tricks


Lots of people think you need to turn your ring in your piercing as it heals, but the Association of Professional Piercers says this is not the way to go. Over-handling of your piercing can cause irritation and increases the chance of introducing bacteria to your healing skin. Just leave it alone, except for washing daily.


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