How to Care for Natural Curly Hair Between Shampoos

Toss curls up into a messy bun when you can't be bothered with styling.

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Whether your natural curls are bouncy, kinky, wavy or crinkly, they all require a good dose of care to keep looking their best. Curls are naturally dry, unpredictable and can be very tough to manage. Instead of fighting your natural 'do, embrace the style and give your curls what they need between shampoos. Load up on products and techniques designed to keep curls shiny, healthy and frizz-free. Moisture and and low-impact styling are the key to happy curls.


Spritz your hair with a leave-in conditioner each day between shampoos. Focus on the lengths and tips. The conditioner will replenish lost moisture and nutrients in the hair.


Avoid brushing your hair once it's dry. This will cause your curls to separate, become frizzy and may contribute to breakage. If you need to detangle, run a wide-toothed comb gently through your hair.


Apply one drop of smoothing serum to the tips of your hair to keep your curls sealed and protected. Massage the serum into your tips once a day between shampoos to prevent flyaways and keep hair shiny and healthy-looking.


Shake a dry shampoo onto your roots when your hair starts to look greasy or dirty. Rub the powder into your roots then shake any excess from your head. The powder will absorb oil from your scalp and give your hair a fresh, clean look.


Braid your hair into a tight braid and secure with an elastic. Sleep with your hair in the braid every night to keep your curls defined, smooth and frizz-free.

Things You'll Need


1.Leave-in conditioner

3.Smoothing serum


2.Wide-toothed comb

4.Dry shampoo


Tips & Tricks


Use cornstarch as a cheap alternative to dry shampoo. Just sprinkle the powder onto your roots, massage in, then shake off the excess.


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