How to Care for Microfusion Link Method Hair Extensions

Always use a gentle brush on hair extensions.

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It is empowering to be able to give yourself sexy, length and fullness with microfusion link hair extensions. The key to prevent your bombshell mane from turning into a hot mess is daily special care. Without proper care they can tangle, clump, or even do damage to your own hair. Britney Spears has been caught neglecting her extensions on several occasions. Photos have surfaced of Spears with hair that was knotted and clumpy at the roots. Avoid making the same mistakes by learning the proper way to care for your extensions.


Every night before going to bed, style hair in a braid or ponytail using a elastic hair band. A chic braid to one side, like Rapunzel, will prevent hair from tangling while you are sleeping.


Brush your hair twice a day to loosen and remove the hairs that fall out naturally with a soft bristle brush, such as a boar hair or nylon brush. Don't be afraid to get the brush into the roots of the hair to detangle the hair at the roots to prevent clumping of the extensions. Using a comb can cause breakage to the hair or cause the extensions to be pulled out.


Give your locks some love with a gentle shampoo. Avoid shampoos that contain sodium laurel sulfate, a harsh detergent that can dry out your hair, leaving your hair with a mess of knots. Unless you have oily hair, it is not necessary to wash it every day.


Make it a habit to use a rich deep conditioner or mask to soften the extensions and detangle the hair. Hair Stylist, Kelly Wisniewski recommends that you use a rich conditioner every time you lather up your tresses if you have bleached or heavily processed hair. Luxuriate with the conditioner in your hair for several minutes before the final rinse to allow it to completely soak in.


Use detangling or smoothing styling products to keep your extensions looking sleek and tame fly-aways. Depending on the quality of the hair used, extensions can start to tangle due to the hair growing out, causing damage to the extensions from normal wear. Products containing the ingredient silicone or a leave-in conditioner will prevent snarls.

Things You'll Need


1.Elastic hair bands

3.Gentle shampoo

5.Styling product for smoothing or detangling hair

2.Soft bristle hair brush

4.Deep conditioner or mask


Tips & Tricks


Even with the best care, you may still have tangling challenges. To keep the sections of hair from knotting together, curl your hair with a curling iron and use a little hairspray to hold the curl. It may be the only way, besides a ponytail or braid, that you can wear your hair without it knotting until you remove the extensions.

Use caution when using heated styling tools. Be sure your curling iron or flat iron does not touch the point where the extension is attached to the hair to prevent damage to the bonds.


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