How to Take Care of Your Hair & Make It Grow

Take good care of your hair to ensure gorgeous tresses.

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Whether you're rocking out to some grunge in a dark Seattle club or having a martini at the top of a high rise in New York, you want your hair to look fabulous. Dry, brittle hair that isn't cared for? Not the best way to present yourself. Taking care of your hair means taking care of your body. There are tons of solutions to help clever ladies restore their hair and encourage growth, so flex your fingers and get ready to do some serious hair care.


Choose your weapons wisely. Hair products with alcohol will totally dry out your strands, leaving you with lank, straw-like hair. Don't buy the prettiest product on the shelf. Read the labels before you purchase. Don't put a ton of products on the top of your scalp -- it can clog the pores and then you'll have grease making your hair look messy. Use conditioners that contain protein to help repair your hair.


Ditch the blow dryer, or just use it on a low setting to style your hair. You're hot -- but that kind of heat applied directly to your scalp can make your hair look and feel terrible after awhile. Practice moderation and only use the blow dryer when you absolutely, positively need it. Use your blow dryer like you socialize at a party -- keep moving, don't stay in one spot for too long.


Forget about super hot showers and use lukewarm water. Sebum is the natural conditioner your hair creates, and you don't want to make it disappear because you turned up the hot water too high. When you're done, brush your hair just enough to style it because overbrushing can make your hair thinner.


Eat the right foods to encourage hair growth. Hair is pretty much made of protein, so your body has to have protein to create new hair. Chicken and beans are an excellent source of protein that you can work into a ton of meals. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help your hair grow out thick and healthy, so pack plenty of salmon into your diet. A nice chunk of tuna on a hearty spinach salad is like a spa day for your hair.


Chat with your doctor about your hair problems if you're losing hair or can't seem to grow as much as you used to. There aren't a ton of internal treatments available for women, but topical treatments abound. Hair growth treatments work best if you start them soon as you notice your hair is thinning. So don't hesitate -- make an appointment, and while you're out, grab a hair mask from your favorite beauty store. No reason not to treat yourself.

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