How to Take Care of Your Hair After a CHI Quick Smooth Relaxer

Relaxed hair needs lots of moisture to stay healthy.

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CHI Quick Smooth relaxers put the curl control back in your hands. The CHI Quick Smooth formula allows you to relax for a longer time for straighter hair or a shorter time to turn kinky curls into soft waves. Whether you play it sleek or wavy, your CHI-relaxed hair should be frizz-free. Like other relaxers, CHI stresses out your mane with chemicals so you'll want to play gently to keep hair hydrated and healthy.


Be gentle with your hair when you handle it, since relaxed hair is fragile from the chemicals. Don't play with your hair and be careful when brushing or combing your relaxed hair.


Wash your hair when it looks dirty, using a gentle shampoo that won't stress hair that's been chemically treated. These products will be specifically labeled as "gentle" shampoos or as being for chemically treated hair. If you're in the shower but don't want to wash your mane yet, you should still wet your locks so they can absorb needed moisture.


Condition your mane post-CHI treatment using a moisturizing conditioner in the shower. On days when you don't shower, spritz a leave-in conditioner into your hair to provide it with extra oils.


Air dry your mane or blow dry your hair on very low heat. You don't want to expose chemically treated hair to excessive heat since it can dry out your fragile hair, potentially leading to breakage.


Dye your locks if you need to, no waiting period required! You can dye over a CHI Quick Smooth straightaway, just don't use more than 5 or 10 percent developer. CHI makes a line of relaxer-safe dyes you can use, or have your stylist dye your mane for you.


Get a touch-up when you've got 2 inches of natural hair, which can take anywhere from one to four months, depending on how fast your locks grow. Only apply the relaxer to the new growth.

Things You'll Need


1.Gentle shampoo

3.Leave-in conditioner

2.Moisturizing conditioner

4.Blow dryer (optional)


Tips & Tricks


Check in with your stylist to have damaged ends trimmed and keep your hair overall healthier. Carrying around split ends can cause your hair to break off.


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