What Is the Best Care for Fine, Thin & Damaged Hair?

Give your thin, fine and damaged hair life with the help of a few products.

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Hair that is fine, thin and damaged makes you look less than put together. Fine hair doesn't have as much protein as thicker hair does and to compensate for this hair faux pas, gals often use products and techniques that have damaging effects on their tresses. All too often they are left with hair that is no longer just fine, but looks like a hot mess. To combat these issues and get your hair looking lively, use a few products made just for your hair type.

Products That Add Volume

To give your hair that extra oomph it needs to look hot and sexy, use shampoos and conditioners that pump up the volume. Look for products that advertise adding body to your mane. These types of products often use enzymes, proteins and polymers to get your hair gorgeous and thick. As an added benefit, many products that thicken hair also repair damaged locks, as well. Use shampoos and conditioners of this nature to take your hair from flat to fabulous.

Mask the Imperfections

Hair masks get deep down into your follicles to give relief where it's needed. Masks often come in the form of hot oil and are applied to wet hair. Allow the oil to work its magic, rinse it out of your hair and voila! -- your tresses are likely noticeably healthier. Masks are often applied weekly to repair your damaged 'do; however, read the product's label for best results.

Boost That Body

Foams are often used to add thickness and body to lacking hair. Almost like a mousse, thickening foams are often added to wet hair to create and help hold oomph. Use a thickening foam whenever you want to get your glam on and you'll be glad you did, as your hair will likely look healthy and heavenly.

Brush With Care

Although brushing won't cause your already thin hair to become thinner, it can cause damage if done too much. Forget what Marcia Brady said; 100 strokes before you go to bed isn't a good idea. Only brush your hair until it is tangle-free. The brush you use also plays a roll in the sort of damage you create. To add pizzazz to your hair, use a metal round brush. Coupled with your hair dryer, you can add some serious volume to your 'do. For routine brushing, look for brushes made from natural materials.

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