How to Care for Damaged Hair for Colored Women

Take extra good care of damaged hair to get your gorgeous locks back to beautiful.

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There are so many ways in which a black woman can style her hair; from locks and twists to braids and weaves to a relaxer that leaves her hair shiny and bouncing. However, just as numerous as the ways in which a black woman can style her hair are the ways in which she can damage it. Bringing damaged hair back is an arduous process and not for the faint of heart. It requires a solid commitment and some serious follow-through to regain healthy tresses.


Obtain a professional assessment of the situation. You might be tempted to diagnose the issue yourself, but unless you have a cosmetology certificate, this might not be the best idea. Think of it like letting a cake decorator diagnose auto issues; not your best laid plan. Make an appointment with a professional hair stylist to determine what specifically damaged your hair and just how extensive the damage is.


Put the kibosh on heat styling for the foreseeable future. Heat is one of the main culprits of black hair damage, as it saps the hair of much needed moisture. Put those flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers in your closet, and don't take them back down until your hair is officially on the mend.


Invest in quality hair care products. Not just any product works for African-American hair, so sometimes using the wrong product can set you back in terms of hair care. Utilize products formulated specifically for damaged black hair. Well-known brands include Dr. Miracles and Softsheen Carson, both of which have an entire line of products geared towards black women with damaged hair.


Condition, condition, condition. The more moisture you can give back to your hair, the better it will rebound from the damage. Condition every time you wash your hair, do a deep conditioning at least once a week, and use a leave-in conditioner product.


Avoid tight hairstyles. The less stress you can put on your hair, the better. So, until you start to see improvements, no ponytails pulled so tight and gelled down so slickly that they pull at the corners of your eyes. No tightly braided styles, weaves, lace front wigs or anything else that hinders the hair from being free flowing and fancy free; it's the best way for it to grow properly.

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