How to Care for & Clean Ugg Classic Cardy Boots


UGG Classic Cardy boots are a great way to be smoking hot in your cold weather casual. Face it, when it comes to winter wear, sweaters are often more drab than fab. Add a sassy pair of wool-blend sweater knit boots to the mix and you can easily become "that girl" who's always stylish and fierce no matter how casual or cold. Fail to care for your fantastic new boots, however, and you can kiss your stylish reputation goodbye. Never fear: cleaning and caring for your Classic Cardy boots is simpler than you might think.



Use the UGG Australia Water & Stain Repellent for your new UGG Classic Cardy boots. Because using cleaning products are a big no-no when it comes to your cute new boots, you'll want to prevent them from getting stained in the first place. While there are other water and stain repellents out there, the folks at UGG strongly recommend using their brand for the Classic Cardy.


Spray the sweater part (that's the cardy of your UGG Cardy boots) of your boots completely so that you don't miss any spots. You can stop spraying once the boots are thoroughly saturated, but not dripping wet.


Move your boots to an area where they won't be disturbed by pets or anyone who might want to "borrow" them while you're not looking. Make sure that any location you choose has minimal direct sunlight or heat (your boots really hate that). Be patient and leave them alone (you can't wear them yet -- they're wet!) for at least 24 hours.


Check your boots after the 24 hours have passed. If they're dry, go ahead and pull them on and show 'em off. If your boots are still damp, you'll need to give them a couple more hours before you can strut your stuff.



Pour clean, cool water into a bowl or basin that you're okay with using to clean your boots. Don't worry about adding any type of cleanser to the water; the folks at UGG International advise you not to use any on this type of material.


Dip a clean cloth into your water, wring out any excess and dab the surface of the boot to clean any areas that are dirty. Continue blotting at the dirty areas with your wet cloth until they are clean. Resist the urge to scrub or rub those soiled areas or you'll risk damaging that cute cardigan-like material of the boot.


Crumple up some old newspaper (preferably something that you've already read) and stuff them inside each boot. This will help them to keep their shape while they are drying.


Set your boot aside in a place where they won't be disturbed. You'll need to give them at least 24 hours to dry completely before you wear them again.

Things You'll Need


1.UGG Australia Water & Stain Repellent


2.Bowl or basin



Tips & Tricks


Do not brush your UGG Classic Cardy boots at any time.


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