How to Care for a Broomstick Skirt

Keep your broomstick skirt wrinkled and ready to wear.

Photo: Nick White/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Ditch your iron if you're wearing a broomstick skirt because you won't need it. Wrinkles and crinkles rule this look---the more the better. It's called a broomstick skirt because it looks like one: The fabric is a series of narrow accordian pleats that can be bunched together into a long, skinny cylinder. You can keep your skirt sufficiently crinkled by washing and drying it the right way. Taking care of a broomstick skirt is so easy, you might decide to toss the iron completely.


Wash your broomstick skirt by hand in cool water with gentle laundry detergent. Rinse the skirt with cool water to get all the soap out.


Wring out the skirt to remove as much water as possible, leaving the skirt damp.


Hold the wet skirt by the waistline in one hand and the hem in the other hand. Twist the two ends of the skirt in opposite directions. Keep twisting until the skirt is tightly twisted.


Open the waistband of the nylons and stick the entire twisted skirt inside one leg of the nylons. Place the skirt waistband into the nylons first. The nylons will hold the twists tight while the skirt dries.


Hang the nylons from a clothesline or shower curtain rod. Let the skirt dry completely.


Remove the skirt from the nylons. Untwist it to make sure it's dry and then twist it back up again. Store it twisted in a drawer to keep the broomstick pleats crisp.

Things You'll Need


1.Gentle laundry detergent


2.Old nylons


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