About Caramel Skin

Caramel skin has warm undertones.

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Caramel is a skin-color chameleon. Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Jessica Alba are only a few of the celebrities that rock their caramel skin tones. Because so many different ethnicities share caramel skin, it isn't universally recognized by that term by all skin and makeup professionals. If you have caramel skin, you may consider yourself "tan," "light brown" or "olive." One thing that all caramel-skinned women share though is a warm, golden brown skin color.

Characteristics of Caramel Skin

Caramel-skinned ladies are a diverse bunch. Women of several ethnic backgrounds share this skin tone, including Black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and mixed-race women. Caramel skin may be light to medium brown and is recognizable for its warm undertones. To tell if you have a warm skin tone, look at the veins on your wrist; if they are greenish as opposed to blue, you have a warm skin tone. You can also tell you have caramel skin if your skin is light to medium brown and you are flattered more by gold than silver. Usually women with caramel skin have brown or hazel eyes and brown or black hair.

Skin Care

Every woman's skin is different, but caramel, olive and black skin colors are generally associated with specific skin care needs. These skin colors are known for being oilier, having larger pores and tolerating sun exposure well. Acne, one result of your oiler skin and open pores may drive you to treat your skin too harshly. Avoid this, as drying out your skin causes the oil glands to produce more oil. To avoid acne and blackheads, use foaming facial cleansers that target oil -- salicylic acid is a great ingredient to look for -- and use spot treatments for zapping zits without drying out all your skin. If your skin feels at all tight or dry, apply an oil-free moisturizer both in the morning and at night. Also, use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day. Even though you probably don't often see the effects of sun exposure, skin cancer and sun damage are a concern for all skin types.


Because of your skin type, you probably find that wearing heavy face makeup every day causes you to break out. Use liquid, cream or stick foundations that specifically say oil-free or oil-control. Resist the urge to cover your whole face with foundation; only target the areas that need it most, and set the foundation with powder; choose an oil-absorbing powder if your skin is very shiny. The warm undertones of your skin look best with yellow-based makeup. For example, use peach or terra cotta blush. The same rule applies for eye shadows and lipsticks. Look for brown, green, purple and pink eye shadows that have yellow undertones rather than blue, and try peachy pinks and warmer reds and neutrals on your lips.


If you dye your hair, choose a color that complements your skin. Just like when choosing makeup, if you have caramel skin, choose a warm hair color. Luckily for you, there are far more color options for warm hair than cool. Steer clear of ash or champagne blond and blue-based black. If you're going to a salon, your stylist will likely only show you warm-toned options, but if you're dyeing at home, consider colors like butterscotch, caramel, gold, auburn or copper.

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