Can Yaki Human Hair Be Dyed?

Purchase pre-dyed yaki hair in the color you need.

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Yaki hair is 100 percent human hair that's been processed to look like African-American hair, It can be dyed -- but risks run high. Your best options are to purchase permanently dyed yaki hair or have the hair professionally dyed, since missteps can trash the hair's texture. If you want to keep the hair smooth and silky, DIY dye very carefully or not at all.


To make yaki hair, manufacturers process 100 percent human hair to give it the coarse texture of African-American hair. Yaki hair comes in relaxed, wavy and very curly styles, so you can choose the texture that best corresponds to your hair. You can also purchase yaki hair that's been permanently dyed to the color you need. Dyed yaki hair tends to be more expensive that natural black- or dark brown-colored hair. However, the hair's texture and quality remain intact. If you want to dye yaki hair yourself, you risk harming the hair's texture.


By the time you purchase yaki hair, it's already been significantly processed. Just like your natural hair after chemical processing, the hair is vulnerable. Wig manufacturers do not recommend dyeing the hair at home. If you really want to change the color of yaki hair, have the hair professionally dyed.


If you're set on dyeing yaki hair yourself, try a semi-permanent color, which is gently enough for hair that's been chemically textured with a perm or relaxer. Apply the color to hair, and set a timer for the recommended processing time on your kit. Check on the color every five minutes and rinse the hair when it's achieved the desired color. If you leave dye on too long, the hair can turn brittle and dry from overprocessing.

Danger Signs

Overprocessed hair, yaki or otherwise, looks dull. Because the strands lack moisture, they may frizz or flyaway. Additional signs of overprocessing include lack of shine and hair that doesn't hold a style. You can try to temporarily cover the dryness with shine serums and other products, but the hair is damaged and unhealthy -- and looks it.

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