Can I Wear a Yellow Sapphire & a Blue Sapphire Together?

Blue sapphires are a classic, but this stone comes in a variety of colors.

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Sapphires come in a wide range of colors, from classic blue to bold golden yellow. Set in white gold, platinum or yellow gold, both blue and yellow sapphires can bring clarity, color and sparkle to rings, pendants and earrings. You can wear various sapphire colors alone, pair these stones in different pieces of jewelry, or opt for pieces that combine bright blue and cheerful yellow sapphires.


Color is a captivating alternative to traditional white diamonds for engagement, wedding or anniversary jewelry. If you've opted for a sapphire band for everyday wear, choose your favorite metal and match your other jewelry to the metal, rather than concerning yourself with the color of your stone. You can wear a yellow sapphire ring set in white gold with blue sapphire earrings set in the same metal without any worry about clashing or contrast. Small stacking rings set with sapphires in various colors can be worn together for a subtle pop of color on your right hand.


Pendants are often set with a single color stone, but you can combine various colors of sapphires for a brilliantly colored and elegant pendant. Stacked yellow and blue sapphires can create a bright accent if you wear a single necklace daily or these stones can be combined for special occasion bling. If your budget doesn't allow for this sort of splurge, sapphire jewelry can be rented for weddings or formal affairs to remember.

Matching Your Sapphires

Keep your entire outfit, including your jewelry, in mind when you pair brightly colored stones. For the office, limit your jewelry, particularly bolder pieces. If you have a yellow sapphire wedding set, skip the blue sapphires on your right hand in favor of brilliant sapphire blue earrings. For special occasions, a bit more sparkle is appropriate. Depending upon your outfit, you may be able to balance blue and yellow sapphires on one hand or wear sapphires on each hand.

Sapphires and Astrology

While you can wear these stones together if you're fashion-forward, new age girls may want to take note. Vedic astrologers aren't sure about this stone pairing. Yellow sapphires are associated with Saturn and blue sapphires with Jupiter. If you're into astrology, you can talk to a planetary gemologist for advice on how to pair gemstones, rather than making your choices based on what matches you favorite dress or your blue eyes.

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