Can You Wear a V-Neck Sweater Without a Button-Down Under?

Skip the button-down under a V-neck for a more modern look.

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Oh, the amazing V-neck sweater -- an absolute wardrobe essential for any modern and stylish woman. Some of us choose colorful prints, some love bold colors, cashmere ones are a favorite and a classic black V-neck sweater will always get you through any occasion. When deciding what to wear underneath, it is contemporary and chic to skip the button-down, but the cut of the neckline, occasion, personal style preference and fabric can help make the right decision for your unique lifestyle and look.

The Neckline's Cut

V-neck sweaters are not only classic, they are flattering, elongating the neck and helping petite women look taller (you don't have to be petite to reap the benefits -- a longer look is flattering on women of all sizes and heights). Whether the V-neck is cut low, moderate or high can be one factor in deciding whether to layer a button-down underneath. With a low-cut neckline, more well-endowed women will most likely need a button-down. A moderate or high neckline makes it easy to skip the button down.


Where you decide to look fabulous in a V-neck and the occasion (casual or formal) can help you decide yes or no to the button-down. For a job interview, a crisp white button-down under a low cut V-neck sweater will make a sleek and polished first impression. Going to brunch with girlfriends to relax and unwind? Keep it casual and modern by skipping the button-down. A dinner date is also a great time to skip the button-down, even if the cut of the neckline is a little lower than usual.

Personal Style

Consider what makes you feel comfortable at your most fabulous self, and stick to your own personal style. If you're not one to usually opt for layers, then you can find the right V-neck with a moderate cut to keep you classy and stylish. Turtlenecks or camisoles are other options. You can't go wrong with a black or white tank under a low-cut V-neck sweater -- both simple and lightweight, it's a great alternative to a button down.


No one wants to add unnecessary chunk to a look, so consider the fabric of the sweater (knit, woven, lightweight, chunky). If the V-neck is a sheer woven one, go for the button-down or under-layer of your choice. A chunky knit is best on its own unless the neckline's cut is low -- then opt for a camisole. With a lightweight V-neck that's not sheer, it's completely up to you. Whether you choose to wear your favorite V-neck sweater on its own or pair it with a button-down -- remember to have fun with your style and be you're amazing chic self!

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