Can You Wear Open-Toed Shoes in the Winter?

Pull off the open-toed look in the cold with chunky, high platforms and matching socks.

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There are two types of people in fashion. The meek, whose rule of thumb is to play it safe, and the bold who think rules are meant to be broken. Not surprisingly, for these girls, the same apathy applies to the banning of open-toe shoes during the winter months. If you're not as overt, there are tidbits that should help change your mind. In no time, you'd learn how to sashay your way to more confidence.

Feet Underwear

Let's be real, wearing open-toed shoes during the harsh winter season isn't very sensible. The fact is, it's cold out. Your survival tactic is to stay warm. If your open-toed shoes are way too hot to stash away, then wear them. But never go commando with your toes. Bundle on feet underwear. Whip out your best socks, tights and leggings. Just remember -- not only should your socks be clean, they also have to look clean.

Types of Shoes

You can't wear all kinds of shoes with socks and expect not to come out looking schlumpy. "Any old shoe won't do," says Adam Glassman, O's creative director. "You need fairly chunky high heels." Your go-to shoes for those wintry days when you want to jazz up your drabby outfits are the chunky platform heels. Platform sandals that are complex are best, such as those with thick or criss-crossed straps to help conceal your socks.


Colors matter. Glassman suggests platforms that are either really dark or metallic. Black, brown, grey and navy in leather or suede are your best bets. The color of your socks has to, more or less, match with your shoes to pull off an acceptable open-toed and socks combo. Spikes, buckles and laces on your platforms add depth for that heavy-duty look of real winter boots. You won't look too out of place with the cold.


In big cities such as New York, Chicago, Paris and London, is there really a winter for those gals who think life is one big fashion show? If shorts and skirts are worn with leggings or tights and sleeveless vests or tank tops are layered with long-sleeved shirts or sweaters, wearing open-toed shoes with socks would barely turn heads. Either you'd get a sincere compliment or worst case, no one would notice since you'd fit right in.

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