Can You Wear Linen Pants in the Winter?


Sure, your linen slacks are comfy, professional and fit you right, and you don't want to give them up for the winter. You can whine, you can sigh, but one thing you cannot do, girl, is change the fact that linen and winter don't mix.

Time Frame

Linen is a thin fabric for warm weather, making it a classy choice for summer weddings and other formal events. When summer ends, girls, it's time to put away the linen. Memorial Day to Labor Day is the time frame gives by women's fashion and culture maven Andrea Rodgers. Fashion designer Shoshanna Gruss confirms: no linen after Labor Day; no exceptions.


There's only one exception to the no-linen in winter rule: If you're traveling to a tropical country, or somewhere where it is summer weather there while it's winter where you live, go ahead and bring the linen. Just cause linen is a summer fabric does not mean it needs to be your summer.


If you're wondering whether you can wear linen in the winter, there's probably a voice in your head that knows it's not appropriate or wonders why you don't see other women in linen. Listen to that voice. You can stretch linen out from May to late August, but the fabric looks out of place in fall and definitely in winter. If you live in a temperate climate, linen in not heavy-duty enough for winter wear, anyway, so you'll be cold and fashion-tragic if you try this look.


If you must have something cool to wear for the winter, try cotton or thin corduroy pants, or stretch pants or even leggings. Go with skirts with thin stockings underneath. There are many things you can wear to keep you cool in a mild winter without going so blatantly counter to all fashion advice. Seasons change fast, so you'll be back in your linen pants again before you know it.

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