Can I Wear Jeans to Jury Duty?

The judge could send you packing if your clothing isn't appropriate.

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If you've been called to jury duty, pat yourself on the back and take a bow because you've been asked to participate in a critical aspect of the American judicial system. There's no formal dress code for jury duty, so it's best to use your good judgment and dress in a way that displays respect. Most judges won't object if you show up for jury duty with a pair of clean, neatly fitting jeans.


If your intuition tells you a day at court may not be the best time to wear those cute cutoff jeans with a halter top, you're probably right. Dark-colored, conservative jeans are best. Leave your shorts and your favorite faded or holey jeans at home. Pair the jeans with a nice blouse and tuck it in.


Dress comfortably, since jury duty often involves long, tedious days spent sitting. Avoid jeans or other clothing that is tight or binding, especially around the waist. On the other hand, don't wear loose, sloppy clothing. A blazer that matches your jeans is a nice touch and will keep you warm in case the air conditioner is cranked up a bit too high. Alternatively, take a light jacket or sweater.

Dressing Appropriately

Save your tank tops, belly-button shirts and cleavage-baring tops for another day, and don't even think about wearing clothing with suggestive or offensive words or pictures. The judge could send you packing if your clothing isn't appropriate. In a worst-case scenario, you could be charged with contempt of court. Skip the glitter and bright colors and don't dress in a way that you'll stand out or attract unwanted attention. Remember, the judge is the star of this show, not you.


High heels are fine for jury duty, but save the spike heels for another time. Flat shoes or neat, clean athletic shoes may be more comfortable and could be more appropriate with a pair of nice jeans. Sandals and flip flops aren't appropriate.

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