Can I Wear a Convertible Dress With a Bra?

Strapless styles may be the easiest to sneak under your dress.

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Convertible dresses can take you from lunch with the girls to a night on the town. These dresses pair a stretchy skirt, often made of jersey knit, with two wide straps. The straps can be twisted, turned and tied to form many different styles. If you're feeling confident, you can go braless or opt for a stick-on bra, but a number of convertible dress styles will work with the right bra, allowing you to look both supported and sexy.

Dress Styles

Convertible dresses can be worn strapless, halter-style, one-shouldered or with two straps. In many cases, you can adjust the straps to show more or less skin, depending upon your comfort level and how much cleavage you want to bare. A number of designs cross the straps in the back, leaving much of your back revealed. Bare back styles can be the hardest to pair with a bra, but deeply plunging styles may also make finding a no-show bra a challenge.

Strapless Bras

Strapless bras can be worn with many convertible dress styles. Styles that wrap around the back, rather than crisscrossing, pair well with a basic strapless bra style. If your dress sports wider straps, spread the straps for additional back coverage when you're wearing a bra under a crisscross style. For additional security, tuck the back of the dress into your bra and pin into place with safety pins. Wear a strapless bra with a casual strapless style, a dressier sweetheart neckline or a twist-front halter.

Regular Bras

A standard bra with straps can be worn with styles that come over the shoulders and cover much of the back. Twist or knot the straps or leave them wide to create sleeves. Keep twisted straps wide enough to cover your bra straps. Pair plunging necklines with a plunge-style bra. Most convertible dresses are made of a light and flowing jersey, so you may want a molded cup T-shirt bra to avoid an unwanted peek-a-boo effect.

Backless Bras

A few convertible dress styles just aren't bra-friendly, especially if you want to bare your back or wear many one-shoulder styles. If you're a D-cup or smaller, you can opt for a backless, strapless bra to sneak support under these styles. Backless bras rely upon sticky silicone to keep the cups into place and come in plunging and push-up styles. A good quality backless bra provides more support than stick-on bra cups and pairs with most convertible dress styles.

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