Can You Wear Bearpaw Boots in Snow & Rain?

Protect suede and sheepskin from rain and snow.

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Bearpaw boots are a trademark of Romeo & Juliet, Incorporated. Known for their stylish look and comfy-cozy feel, gals all over the U.S. wear their Bearpaws no matter what the season. If you have your own pair of Bearpaw boots, you may wonder if something so plush can stand up to snow and rain. The answer is yes -- sort of. A little prep work before venturing out into the elements keeps Bearpaws looking runway ready.

The Possibilities

Whether your Bearpaw boots are made from sheepskin or suede, they are extremely vulnerable to the elements. Both materials are highly absorbent and soak up anything that they come in contact with, including moisture from rain and snow. If you run through a few puddles or slosh through a pile of sleet, forget it. Your Bearpaws are certain to stain. Sure, you can wear your Bearpaw boots in the snow and rain -- but do you really want to without protecting them first?


If regardless of the weather, you just can’t bear to go a day without your Bearpaw boots, a layer of protection can keep them looking good as new. The manufacturer of Bearpaw boots recommends applying a water-and-stain repellent spray, which will cause dirt, debris, water or oil to bead up on the surface instead of penetrating the suede or sheepskin. A quick wipe with a clean cloth after wearing the boots in the rain or snow and your Bearpaws are once again clean and pristine.

Applying the Protection

The best time to apply a water repellent product to your Bearpaw boots is right out of the box. Application may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer but the premise is the same. Apply a smooth, even application of product to each boot until the fabric is damp -- not saturated. After 24 hours of air-drying, the Bearpaws are ready to hit the streets. But, listen up ladies. The protective qualities of the water-repellent do not last forever. To keep up with what the weather dishes out, reapply the protection every two weeks.

Just in Case

In the event that you wear your Bearpaw boots outdoors in the elements before applying a protectant, be prepared to do some cleaning. If your Bearpaws are made of suede, get some suede cleaner. For sheepskin Bearpaw boots, you will need sheepskin cleaner. Rub a damp cloth over the boots to remove any road salt or mud. For extra-tough stains, add a drop of cleaner to the damp cloth and rub it in. Rinse the Bearpaw boots with a second damp cloth and air-dry.

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