Can I Use Velcro Rollers for Perms?

Thicker, coarser hair types benefit from using Velcro rollers for perming.

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Have you ever tried to wrap a strand of hair around a standard perm rod only to have it fall out as soon as you tried to close it? Standard perm rods are great for normal hair types, but unfortunately that doesn't apply to everyone. Velcro rollers simplify the hair rolling part of the perming process, especially if your hair is thick, hard-to-curl or coarse. Velcro rollers are covered in small teeth to grip the hair tightly around the roller and keep it that way -- a guarantee of curls that unfurl from root to end.

Velcro Rollers

Available in a variety of sizes, this type of roller consists of a hard plastic core wrapped in a Velcro covering, hence the name. The Velcro roller is covered in small teeth, extending out like small arms.The Velcro covering sticks to each strand to reduce frizz and fly-away hairs while the small teeth grip the hair firmly. During the perm process, small sections of hair must be rolled tightly from root to end, with minimum fly-away hairs, in order to create the correct-size curl.

Perming Rods

Made of hard plastic, perm rollers, also known as perming rods, are shaped like a tube and hold the hair in place with a small, flexible rubber cord that extends from the bottom of the rod to the top, locking the rolled hair in place. These rods are used specifically for perms. Just because something has a specific use, doesn't mean the desired results are guaranteed. Perming rods require paper squares to protect the hair from being damaged by the hard rod as well as soaking up the perming solutions.


Perming rods might be the most commonly used roller in the perming world but that doesn't mean they are guaranteed to be the best. Thicker, coarser or hard-to-curl hair types need a roller that maximizes its grip on the hair to create a tight, even curl. Velcro rollers have the Velcro covering as well as the extending teeth to grip the hair firmly. Perming rods rely only on the roller itself and the flexible cord to hold the hair in place. If your hair isn't rolled tight, the weight of the perming solutions weigh the hair down and loosen the roller's grip. If you have normal hair, natural curls or hair that has been permed before, perming rods give you great results. The rest of us need a firmer grip, which Velcro rollers easily supply.

Perming With Velcro Rollers

How you roll your hair during the perming process will not change, no matter what type of roller you use. Following the instructions on your perm kit, section off your hair as directed. Working with 1/2-inch strands of hair, place the correctly sized Velcro roller at the end and roll the hair slowly in a backwards fashion until the roller rests firmly against the scalp. Make sure each strand is smoothly wrapped around the Velcro roller and does not extend past the roller on either side. Use hair clips or bobby pins to hold the Velcro roller in place, if necessary. Continue until all of your hair is rolled and follow the perm kit directions for completion.

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