What Can I Use on My Rough Feet at Home?

A pumice stone can remove rough patches on heels.

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Even if you worry about wearing sandals because your feet feel as rough as sandpaper, there are lots of quick fixes and easy home remedies to ensure that your heels and soles will be smooth again in no time. The trick is to combine several types of foot products -- and use them on a regular basis to prevent the rough patches from returning. Once you get used to your new foot-care routine, you'll always be ready to show off your soft, pretty feet.

Foot Scrub

Foot scrubs are designed to be used in the shower, and help soften your feet by sloughing off dead skin cells. Look for ones that contain an exfoliating ingredient, such as jojoba beads or pumice. Cosmopolitan magazine suggests using an oil-based sugar scrub. Exfoliating your feet in the shower takes little time, and you won't mind adding the extra step to your routine once you feel how smooth your feet will be. Don't wait until your feet are rough to use a foot scrub -- when your soles are smooth, exfoliate at least once a week to prevent dry spots from coming back.

A Foot Buffer

Victoria Kirby, beauty editor at Glamour magazine, says that the trick to keep heels from getting rough is to use a foot buffer every day. It works best on dry feet, so use one before showering. When your feet are rough already, just buff until they're smooth. There are many types of foot buffers. Some are egg-shaped, while most look like an over-sized emery board. Others look like a grater that belongs in the kitchen -- but don't worry, it won't hurt to use this type. Pumice stones also work well. Use a back-and-forth motion to slough your rough patches away.

Foot Cream, Balm or Serum

Once you've got the roughness under control by using a scrub and buffer, keep your feet smooth by moisturizing often -- at least once a day. Slather on a moisturizer before bed, and then wear cotton socks to help it absorb. A regular body moisturizer will work, but a product formulated for feet is thicker, and will better penetrate the thick skin on your soles. Try a foot cream, balm or even serum. Many of the foot creams and lotions sold in drug stores contain peppermint oil, which will make your feet feel refreshed. Allure magazine says a balm that contains salicylic acid and beeswax will work well to soften rough heels. Editors also suggest trying a serum that contains vitamin E, glycerin and shea butter. Some foot moisturizers also contain alpha hydroxy acids, which will help exfoliate dry skin.

Softening Socks

Socks that are designed to moisturize rough feet help keep dryness and roughness away -- your feet will feel instantly softer after wearing them. They're like a deep conditioning treatment for your feet. Typically, softening socks are designed with an inner gel lining that delivers beneficial ingredients to your feet while you're wearing them. These types of socks, at different price points, are sold in drug stores and spas. Most are meant to be worn for 20 to 30 minutes, a few times a week. Allure magazine recommends a brand that contains olive, grape-seed and jojoba oils.

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