Can I Use a Hairdryer to Heat Up Minx Nails?

Use your hairdryer to heat up your minx.

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By now, most fashionable ladies have heard of minx nails. Whether they've tried them or not, well that's a different story. Minx can be kind of expensive to get done at the salon. If you don't want to spend the cash, take a trip to your drugstore and snag a set of DIY minx instead. You'll have to heat your minx nails up to get them to peel and stick to your fingers, and yes, you can use a hairdryer to pull this off.

How It Works

If buy a package of at-home, stick-on minx and look at the instructions, they'll probably tell you to heat up the strips by rubbing your fingers over them for a few seconds. Heating up your minx makes them more pliable so they stick and form to your nail better. So, if you need a little extra oomph, your hairdryer is a good substitute.

Applying Your Minx

You'll want to first make sure that you're starting on a clean surface. If your nails are dirty or oily, your minx won't form to them well and could end up looking messy. Create a clean surface by just rubbing nail polish remover over each nail and wiping it off with a paper towel or cotton ball.

Now for the Heat

You won't need to heat your minx up too much, so stick your hairdryer over a strip and blast it for just a few seconds. Once the sticker is warm, pull it off and stick it to your nail. Minx strips come super long to make sure they fit any nail, so you should have excess. Just smooth your minx down with your fingers and file the extra part off.

Setting Your Minx

This is where things change up a bit. Most at-home products won't tell you to do anything else once you've placed your minx on your nails. To get them to set a little bit better, place your blow dryer over your nails for about five to 10 seconds while pushing down on your nails with a cuticle stick. And there you have it. Your hairdryer should help you to extend the life of your minx mani.

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